About Us


Founded in 1997, BENSON PAPER PROMOTION INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. compose of two business lines. Located in the same headquarters, two segments, paper and promotion, execute their businesses through two separate teams. Benson Paper, imports and sells paper to be used in corrugated board production and delivers to the clients via its own warehouse. Benson Promotion provides presentations of promotional goods and following the client orders, imports and delivers these goods.

Our firm, a family owned business, with its TL 3,000,000 paid-in capital, 20 employees, headquarters in World Trade Center, Yesilkoy and 5,000 m2 warehouses in Hadımköy Kıraç, has a significant presence in its corresponding segments, paper and promotion.


For paper sales; deliveries are executed from our stocks in our warehouse, in the order sequence, to the client’s factories on the truck, for those in Istanbul. For the clients from outside Istanbul, we deliver the goods at our warehouse on the truck.

Due to the fact that our founder has an extensive experience in corrugated board production industry, we can easily understand our client’s needs and requests to easily meet their demands.

In addition to the brown and white kraft-liners that are not produced in Turkey, we also import more quality papers in various categories in weight than the ones produced in Turkey.

By providing quality paper, we help our smaller size clients compete with large scale producers over quality. Our location, logistics and distribution network facilitate fast delivery services.

Our sales policy of just in time delivery and transportation included sales are essential advantages for our clients. Order of  a client for 4-5 different types of papers can be delivered through a single truck. While we share our inventories with our regular clients, they benefit the ease of purchasing.

Our ability to cut jumbo reels for the orders in extraordinary dimensions avoids our clients waste in their production. Moreover, we also provide cutting services for our clients’ own reels for a reasonable price.

We apply quality tests in our laboratory at our premises including weight, humidity and endurance tests for the import papers prior to sales to the clients.

We are proud of being a solution partner of our clients through providing brown and white kraft-liner papers instantaneously from our stocks.

Our warehouse having 5,000 m2 area provides services with 4 ramps, 3 forklifts and 5 well experienced employees.